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Male voice-over artist and career marketing professional. Providing the voice to connect to your audience.

You do voice-overs?


You do voice-overs?

Scott Dickson

Hello!  Those voices you hear in your head are not what you think they are.  It's probably a voice-over artist.  When I tell people I am a voice-over artist I sometimes receive a confused look as if they were in middle school, not paying attention and the teacher calls on them to answer the infamous "A train is leaving California at 6:oo pm and traveling 50 mph..." question.

Voice-over artist are every where.  Think about and TV commercials, cartoons, documentaries and movie trailers are what most think of, but there are many more places you hear us that you might not realize - corporate training videos, corporate website videos, corporate voice-mail systems, video games, theme park rides, e-learning, kids toys, self-guided tours, podcasts, audio-books, etc...

Having been a marketing professional for 15 years, I understand how important it is to connect with your audience at every consumer touch-point. Voice-over artists bridge the gap for informational reasons or help foster deeper connections with your target audience by giving products or brands personalities .  So, if your company has a need for a voice-over artist. Look me up!  I'm glad to help.