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Male voice-over artist and career marketing professional. Providing the voice to connect to your audience.

The Voice of Everyday

Scott Dickson is the Voice of Everyday.  Scott delivers the casual conversations you overhear on the street, the professional business presentation in the boardroom or the neighborly guy-next door chat at the local bar.  He's the person you hear everyday as soon as you step out of your home, except...he's a voice over artist.  Let him bring a little bit of everyday to your script.  

every brand has a story

Scott Dickson offers a range of voiceover services that result in every script having a persona.  You see, Scott isn't only a voiceover artist; he also carries valuable perspective from his 15+ years career in marketing, branding and advertising.  He's been the corporate brand marketer on the other side, listening to various voice talent, helping evoke the right style, tone and overall emotion in advertising for such brands as Southwest Airlines, SeaWorld and March of Dimes.  What does this all mean?  It means he understands every business has a story to tell and it's his job become the storyteller for your business.   He is also a Professional Member of the World Voices Organization, a non-profit, member-driven international association of voice actors.

Commercial Demo


Commercial, Narration, Audio Books, Network Promos, Corporate & Industrial Presentations, Movie Trailers, Documentaries, Educational Training Videos, and more. Looking For Further Information?  CLICK HERE 


Take a listen to full audio samples from my commercial demo.